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Single Blue Innegra


Over 25+ years engineering performance dive fins, with the rarest premium carbon fibres on the planet.

Material: Innegra Fibre
Flex: Medium 85Kg +

Pickup available at Factory 17

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Choosing Flex
  • 85Kg - we recommend Soft
  • 85Kg + we recommend Medium
Choosing Material


Benefits of Using Composite Fiber in Diving Fins:

  • Lightweight Construction: Reduces fatigue and improves manoeuvrability
  • Stiffness and Responsiveness: Enables powerful propulsion and enhanced performance in the water.
  • Efficient Propulsion: Provides reduced leg fatigue and improved manoeuvrability, leading to a more enjoyable and productive diving experience.


Advantages of Carbon Fiber for Diving Fins:

  • Lightweight: Enhances manoeuvrability and reduces fatigue during dives.
  • High Strength and Stiffness: Provides powerful and precise kicks for improved propulsion and responsiveness underwater.


Characteristics of HypeTex Fiber for Diving Fins:

  • Visual Aesthetics: Vibrant colours and patterns for eye-catching designs.
  • Lightweight: Easier manoeuvrability and reduced fatigue during dives.
  • Strength and Stiffness: Provides powerful and efficient propulsion.
  • Durability: Resistant to corrosion, impacts, and wear for long-lasting performance underwater.


Benefits of Innegra Fiber for Diving Fins:

  • Impact Resistance: Protects fins from damage and enhances durability.
  • Flexibility: Improves energy transfer for efficient propulsion.
  • Lightweight: Reduces fatigue and enhances manoeuvrability underwater.
  • Used in industries such as Formula 1 and aerospace
  • Vibration Damping: Provides a smoother and controlled swimming experience.
  • Chemical Resistance: Protects fins from degradation in various diving environments.
Foot Pocket Info

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Return & Refund Policy

After 23 years in business the DiveR team are confident in the product quality we produce.

In case things don't go as planned, our return and refund policy is designed to make things as easy as possible for you. Click here to learn more about how we can help.

DiveR components


Foot Pockets

All DiveR fins require foot pockets for use, these can be purchased on on store in the accessories and 'foot pockets' category.

Foot pockets can be self installed or pay extra for 'Fit Your Pockets' for on arrival readiness.

Fin Rails

Fin rails channel propulsion to enhance speed and energy distribution efficiency.

DiveR Logo

The DiveR logo comes in transparent, white and yellow.

Length & Dimentions

DiveR fins are 900mm in length and 250mm in width at widest point.

unlock your potential


At DiveR, we design fins that outlast the competition—our fins have an average lifespan of 8 years. The proprietary carbon construction ensures powerful propulsion, allowing divers to move through the water with speed and glide.

Our fins are designed for balance, reducing muscle fatigue and providing excellent buoyancy control for safety. The lightweight design also makes them highly maneuverable, giving you the agility you need for rapid directional changes.

Invest in quality


At DiveR, safety is our priority—our durable fins minimize risks, even in challenging dive locations. We back our products with a 3-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind. These fins are essential for professional divers, delivering reliable performance every time.



At DiveR, every design print is made right here in New South Wales, Australia. Our proprietary layering technology is infused in-house, ensuring top-quality construction. Each fin is carefully cut and assembled in Australia, with meticulous hand finishing and cutting.



The fin in this video is 19 years old and still going strong. DiveR combines high performance, reliability, and durability—qualities.



DiveR fins come pre-assembled with black or white foot pocket rails. Each fin is hand-sanded to remove carbon flake and maximise efficiency. We coat every fin with a UV-protective gloss to enhance durability and appearance.